CD storage rack close-up, empty.
CD storage rack showing interlock.
CD storage rack on desk top.
Kitchen CD storage rack, invisible in use.
CD storage rack with hifi.
Long CD storage rack on cabinet.
Close-up of small modular CD rack with CD.
Various pack sizes of CD and DVD storage racks.
CD rack on table top with interlocking DVD rack section.

CD Storage Rack - modular CD organiser

Regular price £9.15
  • Individual CD holders interlock to create a storage rack of any length.
  • Converts any shelf or desktop into the ideal CD storage solution.
  • Storage that can grow as your collection grows - one by one.
  • Holders easily separate to insert additions to a collection at any point in sequence.
  • Ideally suited to organising collections in alphabetical order.

      Organise your CD collection effortlessly.

      Simply interlock the unique individual CD holders to form a CD rack of any length and transform any shelf or desktop into the ideal CD storage system. Designed to simplify alphabetical filing by allowing the addition of new titles anywhere in sequence without the need to reposition every CD. Simply add a new holder to extend the length of rack to accommodate a new CD or remove a couple of CDs to enable simple separation of the holders and insert a new holder and CD in its correct position in sequence. Double CDs and small box sets can be accommodated in sequence by simply leaving the desired gap in the rack. The CD version is in transparent plastic with a pale green tint and a slight textured finish giving a frosted glass-like appearance.

      Also available for DVD collections in grey - both systems interlock with each other to provide the perfect storage solution for home or office.


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